Fashion Trend to Love This Winter: Black Lace

One of the hottest and certainly the sexiest trend this season is black lace. From mini dresses and undergarments to headpieces, appliqués and even shoes, this delicate fabric appears everywhere. Runway favs like Valentino and Louis Vuitton were all about black lace on their catwalks and while it may seem strange to wear it during […]

The Great Gatsby brings back headpieces in fashion

2012’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby novel by F.S. Fitzgerald was a powerful inspiration for the world of fashion. This year’s fashion trends were influenced by the movie, overflowing with decadence and indulgence, but one of the things that really stood out was headpieces.

Dina JSR Fashion Show

Last of Thursday catwalk shows is the Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Lebanese designer Dina JSR.

Amira Haroon Fashion Show

Amira Haroon was featured in the inaugural season of Fashion Forward with her Fall/Winter 2013 ready-to-wear and now, Season 2 returns as a platform to showcase her latest line-up.

Not Just A Label: Creative Entrepreneurship

Not Just A Label – Creative Entrepreneurship by Stefan Siegel Fashion expert, ex-model, economist, finance consultant, and successful entrepreneur Stefan Siegel is discussing on the topic of creative entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of website Not Just A Label, an international platform for showcasing and promoting emerging fashion designers, which today represents over 13,000 designers […]

Distinguishing Features Of Dubai as A Fashion Capital

Fitting in & standing out: Distinguishing Features Of Dubai as A Fashion Capital Top speakers are standing up to discuss the distinguishing features of Dubai as a fashion capital. Bong Guerrero, chairman founder of Fashion Forward is accompanied by Zayan Ghandour, fashion designer and co-founder of fashion distribution agency Two Scoops, Lindsay Miller, Managing Director […]

Furne One may greatly complement Tim Burton’s film vision

Among the most anticipated artists, Dubai-based designer Furne One is showcasing his latest collection at 8.30 pm. In a true superstar status, the designer delayed the show by half hour. Going beyond a mere runway fashion show, he has prepared a real theatrical masterpiece to present his Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Bellow you may watch the […]

Fashion X Technology

After a refreshing Fashion Brunch at the Fashion Café, visitors are gathering at Hall 4 to hear all about fashion and the role of technology. Fashion, design, and marketing experts are speaking during the panel discussion “Fashion X Technology”, or the importance of media, marketing and technology for the fashion industry.

Fashion Matrix: A Contemporary Approach to Fashion Design

The fourth and final day of Fashion Forward Season 2 starts with an enlightening speech by Barbara Trebitsch on today’s approach to fashion design. The panel discussion is entitled “Fashion Matrix: A Contemporary Approach to Fashion Design”.

How to Build a Niche Audience

Taking breaks between the glamorous fashion shows and sophisticated parties, we are heading to Hall 4 for another industry-revealing talk. Creative consultant and founder of, Nima Nabavi is speaking about the different aspects of fashion business and finding a special niche audience. His expertise in street culture, brand-building, marketing and e-commerce is what makes […]