The entertainment industry will admire Charbel Zoe’s creations

Lights, Camera, Action!

The fashion shows of Day 2 of Fashion Forward Season 2 end with the new collection of a successful Lebanese haute couture designer Charbel Zoe. He took degrees from Lebanon and France and later worked for several international fashion houses including Elie Saab, Givenchy and Ugo Zaldi. In 2013, the innovative designer won “International Fashion Designer of the Year 2013” award at the Miami Fashion Week.

Think Moulin Rouge in Paris or Catherine Zeta Jones in Kabare. This is the impression Charbel Zoe’s collection left on us. Most of the pieces from his collection are very suitable for Las Vegas performances. Surely, the entertainment industry will admire Zoe’s creations. However, it is hard to imagine that many women in Dubai and the Middle East, in general, would dare to show up in a glitter bodysuit, unless it is behind firmly closed doors.

The few dresses in the collection are perfect for Lebanese singers and MBC 4 appearances. Think Arab Idol judges, Nancy Ajram or Najwa Karam.

At least a few GCC royal ladies would likely become customers of Charbel Zoe as the style of his dresses is popular in this circles when it comes to high-profile wedding parties.

Charbel Zoe is a young fashion designer and his style will evolve and eventually find its way to consumers hearts and their wallets. His pieces are original and daring, but a very few ordinary women will wear it. This is actually the purpose of haute couture creations. However, when it comes to commercial success, the situation could be very different.

During the Fashion Forward Season 2, the WOW effect of glitters, loud cheering beats and long-legged models was impressive. The public enjoyed the fashion show and awarded the designer with a strong applause.

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