Where was the uniqueness?

Dubai-based fashion designer Dima Ayad is presenting her distinctive collection of ready-to-wear at Hall 3 of the Jumeirah’s ballroom.

The Lebanese designer established her label in 2010 and several months later, her works were featured on the pages of ELLE Arabia, OK!, Grazia Middle East, Ahlan!, and Hello!Dima was nominated as Best Regional Designer during the Grazia Middle East Style Awards in 2011 after her Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was showcased off-schedule at London Fashion Week. She was the author of a Prom collection for Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as of a Ramadan Abaya collection for Harvey Nichols Dubai. Her clothes are usually described as modern and elegant, accentuating the female shapes in all their uniqueness and complexity.

However, in today’s fashion show we couldn’t recognize the outstanding features of Dima’s latest creations. We also did not understand if the collection was Summer/2013 or Summer/2014. In Dubai, the seasons are all blended together in a never-ending summer, but international fashion follows traditional patterns. Colors and fabrics of Dima’s clothes did not reflect the latest fashion tendencies.

Nevertheless, the stage lighting, the hype music and the sensuality of the fashion models compensated for the lack of remarkable clothes.


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