Ezra’s creations are more wearable in 2013

Very spectacular as usual, the fashion show of Ezra enjoyed a packed hall of admirers. More than 500 people cued to see the well-established in the Middle East designer collection. Standing ovations are always a testimony for success!

Frankly, in the past we have seen even more spectacular fashion runways staged by Ezra’s team. But a few years back, his models were more unconventional and unwearable than now. Apparently, the evolution of his brand is oriented to high-end consumers.  However, nowadays his Swarovski-studded dresses look more like something you may actually buy but not like stage costumes. 

Manilla-born designer Ezra Santos is showcasing his collection on Fashion Forward stage for the second time. Dubai-based Ezra Fashion Design is considered one of the most influential fashion houses in the Middle East with works often referred to as timeless and exquisite masterpieces. Ezra has been showcased in New York, Dubai and Manila, bringing him an international recognition.

Elegant, rich and decadent, Ezra’s style is inspired by the classic beauty of the 40’s and the 50’s showed in American black and white movies. For his inspiration, Ezra admits, he has looked at his fashion icon, Art deco designer Erte and his unique draping and intricate details. There are also distant influences of Christian Lacroix, John Galliano, and Christian Dior. His collection for Fashion Forward Season 2 also hinted some Marchesa influence.

Ezra’s couture creations are highly extravagant, beautifully feminine and dreamy with exquisite edgy designs, finely crafted embellishments and perfect fusion of minimalism and opulence. Most of Ezra’s dresses look like inspired by rich Arab women, who attend private parties and this is not that much surprising having into consideration the fact that the designer debuted in Saudi Arabia and now is based in Dubai.


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    […] Ezra presents his latest collection during the second season of Fashion Forward in Dubai in October 2013. Read our commentary here. […]

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