Fashion Forward Pre-opening Desires Much More

On the first day of Eid, 15th of October, Season 2 of Fashion Forward is about to open in Dubai. We are very excited as our memories from Season 1 are still fresh thanks to the interesting information we received and the high-profile attendees we met.

However, so far, but just before the first discussion we can share only the disappointment from a poor service and really awful food. Medinat Jumeirah should have taken a better care to fascinate fashionistas with superb quality of services. But we saw waiters who look more as construction workers and who even don’t even know how to operate a coffee machine and cash register at the bar. Shocking! Isn’t it? Cold sandwiches you can find at the petrol station cost four times here. Yes, indeed, this is in addition to a small bottle of water for twenty dirhams.

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Ok, forward we move to the real deal. The first on the discussion is about to start at 4pm.

Certainly, the best is yet to come. We expect fascinating panel discussions and impressive runways.

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