Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day 2 Trend Report

The second day of Dubai’s Fashion Forward is now over. It was a busy day for fashion designers, reporters and fashionistas from the region.

Like the first day, the second one also featured a variety of collections and fashion-related discussions. Dubai-based designer Hema Kaul showed off her Spring/Summer 2014 collection called Déjà Vu. Dima Ayad also presented her fashion vision for the two seasons with a number of ready-to-wear pieces. Charabel Zoe amazed everyone with Cabaret-like pieces.

When comes to trends, Day 2 of Fashion Forward rediscovered some classic trends. Although there was nothing really inventive or innovative on the runway, a few tendencies caught our eye.

Red Lipstick

There is a saying that red lips are always a woman’s best accessory. Apparently, the designers who showed their Spring/Summer 2014 collections during the second day of the event fully support this idea. Red lipstick was a common sight in more than one of the collections. This is rather surprising, since red is usually limited mainly to colder seasons, like the fall and the winter. During the spring and the summer, lipsticks are brighter and less bolder. Still, the good thing about this trend is that it is a timeless classic. You will never go wrong if you put on some red on your lips. In addition, this tendency can be fully embraced by any woman. That is due to the fact that it suits any face shape and skin tone. However, the shade of the lipstick’s colour also plays an important role here. Therefore, if you are planning to follow this trend in the summer or the spring of 2014, make sure you pick the right shade for you. Another thing you should remember when you are wearing a red lipstick is that you need to keep the rest of your makesup to a minimum.

Over the Knee Skirts

Short skirts were the second big trend during the second day of Fashion Forward. At least half of the women in the public wore skirts and dresses with above the knee length. Like red lipstick, over the knee skirts are not something new or unusual. It has been around for some time even in Dubai. Nevertheless, just like red lips, it never goes out of date. However, over the knee skirts are not look good one everyone. So, if you want to try out this trend next spring or summer, you can put on a high-waisted mini for a more flattering result.

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Headpieces were also a hit among the public. These accessories seemed to bring more character to the designs on the runway and the outfits of the attendees. Probably designers have decided to incorporate headpieces in their collections, because this accessory is traditionally associated with Middle East fashion or because someone needs a push for his collection of headpieces. No matter the reason, the result was inspiring to look at.

Fashion Forwards Season 2 continues today with more fashion shows. If you don’t want to miss a single bit of the event, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for live, on-the-scene updates or check back to

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