Fashion Forward Season 2 – Day One Trend Report

The second season of Dubai’s hottest fashion event Fashion Forward is officially on. Over the next few days, the city will be the fashion capital of the region! The first day of the event took place yesterday. Although the shows and the collections had their hits and misses, the real deal is yet to be seen. Day One of this edition of Fashion Forward showcased the visions of the Starch Foundation fashion designers, as well as the new collections of Gisella Blu and Ezra for Spring/Summer 2014. Here are some of the predominant trends that we managed to spot during the shows.

Where Classic Meets Modern

Many of the designers presented visions inspired by more classic designs. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that they had added something new, fresh and modern to the picture. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection of Starch Foundation designer Bashar Assaf, for example, included very classic cuts that were rather sharp. Assaf further highlighted this fact through the use of bold geometry in his designs. However, original prints of metamorphic rocks could be seen here and there. That made the classic cuts more suitable for the spring and the summer. In addition, the prints successfully contributed to the modern look of the collection.

Timeless and Elegant Designs

Without a doubt, The Emperor 1688 stole the show. As always, the brand offered high quality of menswear by incorporating the finest fabrics and fibers into the designs. In addition, The Emperor impressed with a collection that spoke of timeless elegance. The cuts presented a fusion of fashion eras. As a result, the final result was like a collage of the best trends through the years. The tailoring of the outfits was amazingly exquisite and stylish and it fit perfectly with the concept for timelessness. The class of The Emperor on the runway could be easily noticed from every part of the ballroom.

Wearable, Wearable, Wearable

One really pleasant aspect of the first collection of Dubai’s Fashion Forward event was that they were all very wearable. Even the Ezra fashion show had turned away from the stage-costume designs and switched to ready-to-wear pieces.

Fashion Forward Season 2 will continue for three more days. Stay tuned and follow the fashion shows as they unveil. If you don’t want to miss a single bit of the event, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for live, on-the-scene updates or check back to

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