Fashion Trend to Love This Winter: Black Lace

One of the hottest and certainly the sexiest trend this season is black lace. From mini dresses and undergarments to headpieces, appliqués and even shoes, this delicate fabric appears everywhere. Runway favs like Valentino and Louis Vuitton were all about black lace on their catwalks and while it may seem strange to wear it during the colder months, it is indeed an all-season classic.

If you have a little black lace dress, a skirt with lace details, or a black lace headband, now is the time to dust them off and wear them! Lace was “The Trend” of several generations ago, but this doesn’t mean it is forgotten. Right now, it is not only romantic, feminine and glamorous, but also absolutely trendy. Valentino Couture Fall 2013 had beautiful examples of sheer black lace; Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 presented even sexier looks, while Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana showcased black and red lace as part of their collection, inspired in their own words by the exquisite Venetian and Byzantine mosaics of the 12th century cathedral in Monreale. Erdem’s elegant evening lace looks or Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2013 on the other hand are perfect for a black-tie event.

Hollywood couldn’t stay away from the trend either. Alexa Chung, Nina Dobrev, or Lea Michelle are only few of today’s starlets spotted in sexy black lace dresses. Goddess Gwyneth Paltrow, actresses Kristen Stewart and Jessica Biel, as well as reality TV star Kim Kardashian showed their devotion for black lace on the red carpet, too. And while celebs can afford such boldness, you can wear lace in more casual or formal styles, as this fabric is appropriate for apparel, simple details or accessories. It is effortlessly beautiful and timeless and always creates a luxurious, romantic, and even mysterious look.

Vintage looks

In case you are crazy about the retro styles of the Jazz Age, you can always create the 1920’s look by adding a black lace detailed scarf, gloves or an elegant headpiece. Don’t forget your shoes and handbag – lace can beautifully adorn them without making them tawdry.

For the office

Of course, you can wear lace at work. A lace detailed shirt will perfectly combine with a more feminine skirt, pants, and even denim jeans. However, you need to be careful – too much sheer fabric and you will regret it!

Evening wear

Black lace brings elegance, but also a flirty look which can be paired with long sleeves and high neckline for example. Even a little bit of lace makes the outfit special, but be careful  with the quality – while cheaper lace can look great for casual wear, a quality evening look usually requires a more expensive piece.

The secret

The key to wearing lace is always the hint of mystery. Don’t let your lace take over your outfit; it’d rather discretely peek out, bringing a little touch of glam. And this is what makes it so special.

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