Galeries Lafayette Joins Hands With Esmod Dubai

When the largest French department store in Dubai and the French Fashion Institute collaborate in the name of fashion.

Galeries Lafayette, the high-end department store located in The Dubai Mall welcomes up and coming Fashion Designers to support the Made in UAE emerging Talents, thereby offering a wider clothing range to their valued clientele.

Dubai is recognised as being one of the main shopping destination in the world and with high customer expectations, Galeries Lafayette desires to promote home grown Esmod Dubai graduates’ designs without compromising quality and creativity.

Therefore, The department store chose Esmod Dubai for their expertise in Fashion education. Since 2006 the French fashion institute has fully dedicated itself to provide the highest fashion training in the region.

Dubai is home to the widest collection of fashion labels in the Middle East, making it a very attractive destination for fashionistas from across the region. Esmod Dubai’s Alumni Canella Hostal and Fatemeh Benizaman have been selected to each create an A/W Capsule collection titled “ Souffle de l’Est” (Eastern Breeze). Thus, reaffirming the reputation of the Hub as a perfect breeding ground of international talents, cross-cultural fashion designs and concepts.

“ We are exited that a well-established retailer such as Galeries Lafayette recognized our former student’s talent by giving them an exposure to the fashion retail world. Our aim remains to give the highest level of education and thereby contributing in Dubai’s growth as the indisputable centre of Fashion in the Middle East. “Says Tamara Hostal Founder and Managing Director of Esmod Dubai

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