Gift Guide 2013: Perfect Christmas Gifts for Fashionistas

It’s always difficult to find the perfect gift for a fashion-conscious friend or family member. Is this trendy? Is that going to complement their style? Our Gift Guide will help you select the perfect  Christmas gifts for fashionistas this season – an exquisite item for their home or a lovely piece to wear at the New Year’s parties.

You should know that all style lovers will appreciate a well chosen item – for them, gift-giving is an art. Indeed, what’s the point in giving stuff that people buy regularly? Presents should be special, luxurious, limited-edition, one-of-a-kind items or web exclusives from famous boutiques.

Gift Boxes

Designer Home Décor

This is one of the safest shopping categories – you have probably noticed what your stylish friend’s home looks like. So, in general, you should be able to select the “right” style, colour, design or size. Even if the item is not the vase or painting they have always dreamed of, they would still appreciate the fact it is a part of a genuine designer collection. Christian Lacroix cushions are pricey, but every true fashionista will be crazy about them. Andy Warhol’s works will be perfect of course, but only if money is of no relevance to you. You can now find unique artworks online and have them delivered to your doorstep, which is very convenient. Of course, fancy candles, coffee-table art books, or an expensive bottle of wine will also work.



If your friend really wants a particular item of clothing, chances are, they have bought it or plan to. And you probably have no idea what exactly that is, so here’s our advice – choose weekend clothes. Jumpers are indeed a total Christmas cliché, but in fact, on trend this year. So, choose a navy cable knit for instance. Forget about Christmassy colour combos like red and green! Black and white, navy blue, red hues will be great! Here are a few online shopping sites you should know about it.



If you choose the right handbag, this literally means you love this person! Of course, we talk about designer handbags only. Crossbody bag, both oversized and mini, are winners here. Choose something with metal embellishments, chains, studs, or Swarovski crystals. All of these trends are huge in the Middle East, and in Dubai in particular. Metallic gold hues will be perfect, but you can stick to this year’s classics – purple, burgundy, pink, blue or green.

Bel Air Blocked Tote

Generally, you should avoid buying shoes and clothes with really tiny exceptions – only if you are aware of the exact size, if you know exactly what they want to see under the Christmas tree, and in case you are a person of exquisite taste yourself.

Gift cards are our easiest and most convenient solution of the Christmas Gifts for Fashionistas dilemma.

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