The Great Gatsby brings back headpieces in fashion

2012’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby novel by F.S. Fitzgerald was a powerful inspiration for the world of fashion. This year’s fashion trends were influenced by the movie, overflowing with decadence and indulgence, but one of the things that really stood out was headpieces.

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The revival of the 1920’s fashion trend is also seen in the influx of flapper dresses, embellishments, art deco jewels, T-bar sandals, embellishments, beads, pearls and crystals. Extravagant diamond headpieces appeared on fashion runways. Headbands, feathers, chains or scarves – hair accessories and jewelry are an elegant way to nod to the Jazz Era. Carey Mulligan’s character Daisy in Bazz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby always shines with glamorous headpieces. So, they easily became powerful accessories to adorn every hair and look during the Spring/Summer fashion season. However, they are still strong and will probably be here for another several seasons. While earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets are daily jewels, no matter the style and price, decadent Gatsby-inspired head pieces will help you stand out and be original.

Headpieces in all styles can be used to adorn your movie star curls, a simple bun, or an elaborate, chick updo hairstyle. Daisy’s glossy shingle bob from the movie is also a perfect base for a decorative 1920’s hair accessory. In fact, according to Warren Holmes, International Creative Director for Nicky Clarke, the bob is the most versatile haircut and it gives you edgy, surprising, and extreme look. If you want an impact the change from long to short is your best chance, especially if you choose a headpiece that will compliment and finish the look with style. Crystal or diamond hair slides with lots of embellishments create a sophisticated vintage appearance on almost all hairs. Filigree or pearl models are also great to go back to Gatsby’s time. And floral motives and combinations of metals are definitely winning here.

Drape Chain Beaded Headpiece

Art deco diadems and headbands are another strong trend this year. Elastic bands can be worn as a headband underneath your hair, or over your locks tiara-style. There are also headbands on the market right now that can be equally used as necklaces. Choose satin, romantic prints and decorative knots on fabric bands. A satin ribbon head wrap will create even more romantic rook! Simple, thin headbands should be beaded, Swarovski crystal or pearl embellished, or you can choose silver pieces, inspired by medieval engravings and art. Hair brooches and comb hair slides are also very trendy.

Arabic style head chains with beads, crystals, floral or traditional motifs are another powerful trend right now. Golden and silver chains with stones or pearls hanging, beads, teardrops, simple or detailed styles – the variety across jewelry collections is huge. A basic rule you should know, if you want to stay true to the trend, is to choose only handmade items. Basically, most of them can be worn at a wedding or formal event, or just on a weekday!

Floral Stone Headpiece


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