Lacoste’s New Ad Encourages Us to Take A Leap

Do you like taking risks? Are you scared of the unknown? If you really like someone, would you make the first step without knowing what to expect? Famous brand Lacoste’s new ad, called “Life is a beautiful sport” encourages us to be brave and take a leap – because there is no great achievement without taking a risk.

A man, played by French model Paul Hamy, is sitting in a café with the woman of his dreams, holding her hand, hesitating to kiss her for the first time. Shot in the marvelous cityscape of Bangkok, the video depicts his internal turmoil, comparing his fear and excitement to the moment of jumping from a skyscraper. All of a sudden, he’s on the edge of the rooftop, holding his breath, praying everything is going to work out for him. In the moment he leans over the table to kiss her, the video takes us on the roof, where he literally takes the leap into the unknown. The stunt is absolutely exhilarating and beautiful, just like the amazing feeling of the kiss.

The stunning video was produced by BETC and Wanda Paris and directed by owner of numerous awards, British director Seb Edwards for the new advertising campaign of Lacoste. Titled “Life is beautiful sport”, it perfectly captures the terrifying, exciting feel of taking the leap. His courage will either fail him, or help him win the game of a lifetime. The ad is inspiring and conveys one of the well-known truths in life – you can’t win without taking risks, or as Virgil said “Fortune sides with him who dares”.

The link with Lacoste? Known for their classic sports-inspired apparel and crocodile logo, Lacoste is a globally-renowned company, founded in 1933 by tennis player Rene Lacoste. Back in the days when he was an active player, he became known as “the crocodile” for his tenancy on the court – he was confident, he was brave and persistent, and he never let go of his “prey”. This is what sport is about – risking everything to win the game. And as one of the most popular brands for sports and athletic clothing, footwear and accessories, Lacoste continues to be dedicated to this creed to this day.


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