Why are so popular the XOXO watches in Dubai?

A trendy watch is a great way to add some style to your weekend, evening or office look and although there’s nothing like a designer’s timepiece shining on your wrist, such a lovely treat is often overpriced. Even in the UAE, and especially in Dubai where it’s all about fashion and style, the unreasonable spending is not the smartest warranty for elegance. In fact, we’ve found one brand for watches that offers great looks and quality at quite modest price – everything the smart shopper looks for. It’s called XOXO and its affordable and trendy timepieces are on sale in the UAE. Have a look on the pictures what we are talking about it and if you like any of these models, click on the image to buy online. Delivery to your doorstep is offered anywhere across UAE.

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XOXO pieces are among the most popular watches right now not only in the Middle East, but mostly in the U.S. and Europe, where they are considered a must-have fashion accessory for every young woman. It’s an American contemporary clothing and accessories brand, famous for becoming one of the first to offer fashionable, feminine and designer-inspired apparel and accessories at an affordable price. With great collections of modern and classic-style watches, XOXO will always have the best-fitting match to every outfit for every occasion. The quality is comparable to that of high-end brands, so you can be certain you’ll be wearing your timepiece for years. Of course, besides designing conventional, classic watches for more traditional-styled middle-aged women, the brand is widely known for its fancy, modern and really fresh models, loved by ladies all around the world.

In recent years, their watches have become one of the most sought fashion accessories in Dubai and across the UAE. You have probably noticed how important fashion is for Middle Eastern women and particularly if you live in Dubai, known as a true fashion capital of the region. Indeed, here the looks matter – from the expensive shoes and designer clothing to the boutique handbag, the sparkling jewelry and branded watch on your wrist. Unfortunately, this will cost you a lot. Of these, the only thing you can probably save a bit is exactly the watch, only in case you find a trendy, high-quality and affordable brand such as XOXO. Indeed, their models are really accessible at prices reaching no more than AED 180-190. In comparison, other popular brands are usually offered at prices starting from AED 300 or sometimes more for the cheapest models.


item_XL_4967775_1614815item_XL_4967651_1614621So, where are these watches available for purchase? item_XL_4967333_1614279Whether you are based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other corner of the UAE, you can easily find and order XOXO watches online. One local online store, FranFran, offers a great selection of their pieces, including older as well as new collections of elegant, trendy women’s watches from Anne Klein and Invicta. You can shop at the online retailer at any time of the day or night, browsing through the different categories and choosing the best-fitting model for you. Of course, the greatest thing about Internet shopping is that you don’t have to leave your house or even stand up from the couch to get everything you need. The store will deliver your purchase at your home or office, so it’s really easy, fast and fun, even if you are first-time online shopper – the website is user-friendly and offers great customer service.

So, if you are still searching for a trendy, yet affordable fashion accessory, check out the current XOXO watches collection, offered at FranFran. From metal to genuine leather bands, oversized faces to charm designed pieces, adorned with sparkling rhinestones or intricate ornamentation, animal prints, bold colours and elegant looks, you’ll definitely fall in love in at least few accessories if you have any interest in fashion, after all.

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